Friday, July 19, 2013

A sketching trip

A Sketching Road Trip

I am like a squirrel, busy collecting and gathering images and resources to keep me going throughout the fall and winter. I love this time of year, warm sunshine and amazing natural surroundings.

One never knows what materials the expedition will call for, it's best to be prepared.
Turns out, all I used today was a good pair of shoes and a camera.

I took several pictures of little 'burrows'. The kind that captured my imagination as a child. Mysterious portals into other realms. Home to all kinds of creatures. Now where's that stick?

I followed an old logging road up and up...the view was surreal.

Empty shells littered the ground like confetti.

Target Practice? I suppose someone REALLY dislikes algebra.

Acres of clear cut.

A contrast of living and dead.

The Survivor.

The Stand.

Days End. I liked the light on the daisy patch in the foreground.

Sister Cedars

Heading Home

For Stephen

Pushed by the Wind

Arbutus Cove